Design, production, instalation

Technical task and predesign

The hardest work of any customer is to decide maximum details and questions before project starts. But all efforts will pay off by, because you will save money and time.

To make perfect project our engineers and designers have to get all data for making Technical Task.

In particular:

Design and engineering

Format design and engineering means:

Design and engineering


Production contains:

Production climbing walls Format


In-time and perfect installation of climbing walls is a skill in combination of professional installer’s work, coordination and control of quality.

If you have an experience of assembling climbing walls, you probably know what new unplanned tasks can appear before wall builder.

First of all, climbing walls are complicated engineering solutions with different angles and geometry. Changing of one angle in several degrees on moving panel for 1-2 mm can cause big cracks or holes in the next assembles. That’s why we reach the highest quality with the fastest time not by hurrying of process, but by involving more specialists of assembling.

Secondly, we are always ready when customer decided to change or to add something during montage, which was not agreed before start of production. It can be additional panels or new ventilation grills, doors etc., which appeared to be necessarily after fire protection or local government commission. It can be also, when customer added new pipes or elements of construction of building after design was agreed and production is finished. It can be fast repairs of damaged parts or whatever.

We are developing in project management, including minimizing the risk of mistakes. All manufacturers make mistakes. But you may know for 100%: we decide them always on time with the best quality.

Climbing wall instalation Stuttgart