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School climbing walls

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Adjustable climbing walls

Interactive amusement walls Climbland

Climbland is unique parks of climbing walls, which combine attractive and extreme attractions, sports climbing walls, educational program and developing materials to each attraction.

Here you will find bright animated walls with holds in the form of 3-d shapes, rope elements and geometric volumes, quests, labyrinths, real rocks, games, columns and castles, classic sports walls with overhangs, interactive, electronic, music and gaming facilities.

Interactive amusement walls Climbland

Climbing holds and volumes

FormAT produces volumes and holds on base of:

Our company specialises in castings and forming on base of 500+ own shapes and shapes of our customers.

Being professional and cheap production in Ukraine we are open to be the manufacturer of holds and volumes on base of shapes and forms of any complexity.

Climbing holds Format


For bouldering walls we produce special climbing mattings according to EN 12572

It can be:

You can choose PVC, carpet or Cordure top of mattings.

We offer a complete solution on matting, including delivery of materials, precise measurement, producing, installing and post-sale services.

Flooring for climbing Format


TwinPoint autobelay is specially created device for climbing walls, which allows for high safe climbing without a partner.

The main point of autobelay is that while ascending to the top an ultra-durable lanyard draws into device under self-tension. In case of falling or releasing hands smooth descent occurs on safety belt with the same comfortable speed for all, regardless of climber’s weight.

For climbers safety in TwinPoint autobelays we are using the unique double safety system.

Technical characteristics:

Max descent height: 16 m
Descent speed: 0.5-2 m/s
Lanyard retraction speed: 5 m/s
Weight of the climber: 10-150 kg
Weight of autobelay: 20 kg
Dyneema webbing line:
(breaking load)
2 500 kgf, 25 kN

Classification Standart EN 341:2011, Class A

Autobelay TwinPoint